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23 April 2019

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West London Homelessness Group

The West London Homelessness group consists of senior housing needs staff from all seven boroughs. Meeting every six weeks, their task is to move forward the homelessness work of the sub-region.

West London Homelessness Strategy Delivery Manager:
ieuan.aprees@rbkc.gov.uk, 0207 361 2829.

West London Homelessness Strategic Action Plan

West London boroughs produced their first joint Action Plan in 2005. It was the first of its kind, and has been an example to other sub-regions around the UK considering working together more closely on Homelessness. This has formed the basis of much of the work since then.

The annual West London Homelessness Strategic Action Plan sets objectives and actions for the year.


West London Single Homeless Approved List for Access to the Private Rented Sector

This scheme offers an incentive to approved providers to provide access to the private rented sector for single homeless people with low support needs. The scheme started on 18th December 2011 and an incentive of £200 was paid initially. After a review the incentive was increased in June 2012 to £250, for Registered Providers who charge rents above LHA, and £350, to providers who charge rents within LHA. The approved list is maintained by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

If you are a provider who is interested in joining the list, please contact ieuan.aprees@rbkc.gov.uk There is a simple questionnaire to complete and a simple evaluation to join the list. If you are a landlord with rooms or studios in an HMO to let, Ieuan can provide you with details of our approved providers who will be able to let your rooms for you. Providers offer different models, which include letting and facilitating the Housing Benefit claim and a full leasing model. Call Ieuan to discuss the options.

Provider specification


West London Joint Minimum Standards for Temporary Accommodation and Leased Private Sector Accommodation

These have been agreed as minimum standards for any borough scheme (although they can be exceeded). The standards were reviewed and updated in March 2010.

West London Joint Minimum Standards


Joint Procurement of Temporary Accommodation

In July 2011, Brent appointed 17 contractors to its tendered Private Managed Accommodation framework (PMA). The contractors provide accommodation to prevent homelessness or meet the duty to provide temporary accommodation for five of the WLHP boroughs; Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon and Kensington & Chelsea. Properties in the 5 boroughs are offered to the host borough first. Properties elsewhere are offered to all 5 boroughs on a first-come, first-served basis. This gives providers greater comfort that properties procured outside the sub-region will be let quickly.

This is a principle that may be used in future temporary accommodation tenders. The boroughs licence the properties from the contractors and take the rent risk. It is an attractive option for landlords.

If you are interested in providing accommodation for the scheme, contact ieuan.aprees@rbkc.gov.uk who can provide details of the contractors.




Last updated: 15 April 2019


West London Publishes Assessment of Housing Need

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