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27 May 2018

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West London Profile

The West London sub region covers Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The political control across the sub region is:

Brent - Labour
Ealing - Labour
Hammersmith & Fulham - Labour
Harrow - Labour
Hillingdon - Conservative
Hounslow - Labour
RB Kensington and Chelsea - Conservative



There are over 672,000 households in the sub region, shown per borough below.

source: ONS Neighbourhood Statistics

Like other London sub regions, the West London sub region has densely populated boroughs in central London, including the most densely populated borough Kensington and Chelsea which has 13,973 people per square kilometre.



The Census data shows a diverse West London sub region with over 50 per cent of people in Brent, Harrow and Ealing identified themselves as being from black and minority ethnic groups.

source: Census 2011

Tenure Profile

The table below shows the housing mix in West London.


source: ONS Neighbourhood Statistics (Hounslow data unavailable)

The 2011 Census data shows a large percentage increase in the number of private rented households compared to the 2001 Census data. The average percentage increase of private rented households in the West London sub region is 76 per cent.

Tenure percentage change between 2001 and 2011 Census data

There are more home owners in the sub region with mortgages or loans than owned outright, apart from Kensington and Chelsea where 64 per cent of homes are owned outright:

source: ONS Neighbourhood Statistics


Property prices and rent

Average house prices present an explicit example of extremes within the sub region, ranging from £271,000 in Hillingdon to well over £1million in Kensington and Chelsea. The average house price in London is £375,000.

A less extreme example of house prices is shown by taking the median average, enabling the regional variations to be seen but not skewed by the extreme high prices in some areas:


The median rents by bedroom size show the central West London boroughs to be significantly more expensive, particularly for properties with three or more bedrooms. Figures are in £pw.

source: London Rents Map. (Note: The four+ figure is unavailable for RBKC)

Age, employment and income

The table below shows a breakdown of age as a percentage of total population per borough.


source: Census 2011

Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) is payable to people under pensionable age who are available for and actively seeking work. In London, an average of 3.6 per cent of 16-64 year olds were claiming JSA in June 2013. Five of the west London boroughs fall below this average.

source: NOMIS ONS claimant count

Local Housing Allowance is the name for the Housing Benefit that most tenants who rent from private landlords receive. From April 2011, the Government placed a cap on the amount of Local Housing Allowance that people can get. LHA receipt has reduced in inner London for the first time since the creation of the LHA system. In outer London, there was an increase.
In the West London sub region, Kensington and Chelsea saw the biggest fall of 20%, whilst Brent had the largest increase of 8% (+1,126 households).

Supply of homes

These GLA figures show the supply of homes delivered under the GLA’s Affordable Housing Programmes and the GLA’s Land and Property Programme. These programmes will deliver homes for affordable rent, affordable home ownership and social rent alongside open market homes delivered under the Land and Property portfolio.

click here for GLA new housing supply figures



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Link to Natwest area comparison tool webpage

Last updated: 07 June 2017


London Accommodation Rates Project Shortlisted for Guardian Award

The West London Alliance and London Housing Directors Group have been shortlisted for the Guardian Public Service Awards for the Pan-London Accommodation Rates Project, aimed at controlling the cost of temporary accommodation. Click here to read more.

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